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an open letter

To my Stalker,

Yes you who are reading this post of mine. I still know you read my blog and you still take time to follow my posts on all the social media sites I have. You still take time to look in your phone and compose a message which I know you think twice before sending to me. Do us all a favor and just stop. Delete my number. Delete our numbers. Don't bother us anymore. You know who I'm talking about. Unfriend Alex Kang, unfriend all the Koreans you have on your friends list and all those you stalk. You are not doing anything good by continuing to do what you're not supposed to do. Don't you know that you're violating a law? Do us all a favor and delete us from your phonebook, stop stalking us and unfriend all the Koreans you added especially Alex. This is not a request this is an order. Do us all a favor and have yourself committed to a mental institution. You're doing more harm than good and it's not helping. Did you know you destroyed all of our lives? Yes you who are reading this right now. You know who you are. You destroyed our life. You made Dee commit herself to a mental hospital and was on medication for months. You almost destroyed Tin-tin. You ruined Nell's reputation and even Alex's. You destroyed my life and my relationship with my family and God. You call yourself a positivity advocate but you don't deserve that title. You destroy people and enjoy living in their pain. How could you? You can sleep at night knowing you have destroyed me and the life of others. Stop it just stop it. Turn yourself in to the police. You committed a crime of identity theft yet you pretend to be an innocent victim in front of your co-workers. You're a liar. A huge one. Unfriend Alex on Facebook and all those Koreans. You've ruined his life you know. We have reported you to the Korean embassy and police yet you continue to break the rules and stalk us and added Alex again. Stop it. Stop ruining our lives. Don't text us or message us anymore. I know you're reading this blog of mine and still check me out. Delete our numbers. I cannot imagine being friends with you anymore. You lied to me and deceived me for a year. Do you know how hurt I was and still am? You hurt me a lot. And I'm still picking up the pieces of the damage you caused. You got me and my family to fight. You got me to question God. You did not anticipate however the visions I had. It was Divine Intervention for me and I'm thankful God showed me who you really are. A monster. An animal. You're not a human being. You don't have a soul, or a conscience or a heart because you can stomach hurting me and the others. If you don't stop stalking me and the others and if you don't unfriend Alex and the rest of the Koreans you added, my lawyers and I will be forced to file a suit against you for harassment and moral damages. And trust me when I say that I will make sure you pay for everything you have done to all of us. Unfriend Alex Kang and all the Koreans you added, stop texting me and stop stalking us. Turn yourself in to the police and have yourself incarcerated. You have been ordered. If you have a conscience still do it please. and for your information I was never your love and I never loved you back. Because back then I thought I fell in love with a guy. I never fell in love with you, period. So stop having sickening illusions of you and me for it will never ever happen. I am awaiting God's will and blessings upon me and it never will include you so stop it. Get out of my life and our lives.


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