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The sky was pitch-black,
There was nothing to see.

Solace begins to embrace me,
Blood begins to fall from my eyes and onto the ground,
wasted. unforgiven.

The ground opens and eats me in one big bite,
Taking my soul along with it.

I see the blood of my enemy, slowly dripping to nothing.
Time is on a standstill. Each tick represents your life.
a life is taken. another reborn.

A man is on a table, wating to die.
His body festered with wounds, licked by the maggots.

Flesh melting away, bones disentegrating. Eyes gouged out.

The book of the dead brings back life, and the book of the living takes life away.


I see the sky turn dark and the moon is rising on the western horizon. There are two flags, one is black, the other a shade of blue-green. It was flying against each other, and the black was torn into pieces.

I see flames shooting out from someone else's palms, and the other pair of hands I see has ice shooting out. I did not see who they were, all I know, was that I was hit by the ice and the hands whose palms were shooting flames, carried me up to the skies and kissed me. I woke up to find myself wearing a white gown and a ring on the ring finger of my left hand. We kissed and everything turned black.

As I opened my eyes, I was in front of my computer. What happened?

Unsent Letter

Dear Noah,

I am writing to you, not because I have to, but I need to. In my heart there are so many things I wanted to tell you but my lips are frozen, and I could only whisper those words in this letter that I am writing. I know you will never get tired of me saying this, but, I have never regretted my decision of coming back to see you after so long. I missed our long talks, the way you teach me how to speak in another language through your poems. But what I really miss, is how you say hi and ask how am I. Everyone asked me, especially the ones who were close to me, why I came back to you, instead of going with the other? I never explained. Simply because, they would never understand, that the feelings between us were special. They would always think of our past as a memory of a time spent together. But to me, it will always be special. I have always dreamed of our time together as perfect. People may say, that I have wasted my time, going back and looking back at a love once lost.…