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I thought it was right... It wasn't.

It was wrong. I made a huge mistake of believing that the signs could never be wrong. I thought it was written in the stars. I was rash enough to be a friend. But in the end, it all made sense. Writing that letter was wrong. Being vulnerable was wrong as well. I let my guard down. I was foolish enough to let the thief in and steal what was rightfully mine. A privacy that let everyone know I had been stupid enough to believe another lie.

I had liked the view so much, that I forgot, that there are other blurry images behind. Images unseen and waiting to be deciphered. Maybe it was Kirk all along, or maybe Zac or maybe it was Micah? I was wrong to jump. It was a trap, meant to trap my emotions for everyone to see.

Having this dance, was wrong. In every sense. Promises were meant to be broken. I kept my hopes up only to find out, that it was all a big mistake. And now, I have to go my own way and leave... Make choices both easy and hard. Letting go and saying goodbye for good.