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Looking for a place to fall asleep... Numbing me out.

It's bad enough, that the people I work with wants me to change everything: my looks, the way I dress, etc. (not that it's not good or anything), but my flesh and blood had to dictate to me who should I fall in love with. The last time she did that, it made me clean a mess that wasn't mine. Where's the guy now? Married. With a family of his own. Me? Still here and pretty much broken. Can't my own sister be happy for me for once? I'm always happy for her whenever she finds her love. But with me? No one is good enough. It's either he's not good-looking enough or something. And even if she wanted someone for me, would it be the same time as the last one? Another who will slip through my fingers. I wanted a life of my own, different from hers. I've been wanting to go to law school and medicine school, but she's been telling me that it won't mean a thing when I get married. At least, for me I know I have a back-up, a dream and more importantly: a…

Fade to grey...

Dreams usually tell us what might lie ahead. For me, it was a recurrent dream that I have encountered two years back. Something that was hard to forget, for it has involved a house in the middle of a forest. It was nighttime in my dream and there was a thunderstorm outside. Lucas, the little boy who visits me in my dreams is sitting at the bottom of the staircase with a scared look in his eyes. He was afraid of thunderstorms, although he loved the rain.

"Why are you still awake at this time? It's getting late," I told Lucas sternly.
"I can't sleep. It's too loud. Will daddy be coming home?" inquired Lucas pleadingly.
"He's coming home, I'm not just so sure about the time. Why don't I tuck you in and I will let you know when he has arrived. Would that be fine?" I asked.
"Yes that would be fine..." his voice trailing. A knock on the front door interrupts Lucas for a second.
"Now who could that be at this time of the night? …