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Tech Wars: Revenge of the Tablets

I have delayed this post for 2 reasons:
1) I have recently bought the gadget (iPad); and 2) I waited for the release of the reviews about said gadgets.
A lot of people have talked about the iPad and reviews came out about it being the hip and in gadget that's a must-have for gadget enthusiasts out there. Even Apple has promised that after the 1st gen of the iPad, the iPad 2 will come in the market right away. I am currently a proud owner of one of the last batches from the 1st generation of the iPad. Like all iPad users, I am also satisfied with my gadget. It has helped me with my coursework and my homework. I have loaded it with my favorite mp3s to which the iPad has never failed to give me (or the other users) crystal clear quality of sound. Even the movies and clips I download via YouTube: fantastic! Though the file is of mp4 format, it's like watching it in HD. Apps are very useful and it has never failed to entertain me (even my family is using it). In short, iPad has surpas…