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Chapter 2: A dip in hot springs, a taste of sweet pie and trip back in History and Childhood

Wading in a pool of hot springs will not only bring warmth to your body but will also make you feel as if you could just wade in for long hours to release the tensions in your body. A dip made me feel so relieved and it made me feel like I'm in a spa. And of course, my cellphone took a dip in as well. :D

After a morning dip in the pool, we headed to the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Laguna. We took a trip up the Makiling route to see the famed National Arts Center, built during the Marcos regime. It was a breathtaking nature trip and we saw Mother Nature in all its glory.

From the National Arts Center, we went to Lumban, Laguna, which is famous for its barongs. It was a fashion art, it may cost a lot, but its a work of art.

History was made in Laguna, when Dr. Jose Rizal, grew up from this place. His house is located in Calamba, and a museum was built in his honor . Artifacts from his era, were copied to make a reconstruction of the house where he once grew up. Dr. Riza…

Chapter 1: The beginning of a journey

The following events takes place between the 16th and 17th of December 2007.

My week-long vacation started on a Sunday afternoon. We started on the streets of Quezon City and our eyes soaked a lot of sights. From the streets of the Manila University Belt, not to mention some historic sites along the bay. And a treat to Manila Bay's famous sunset as we cruised along the roads that would lead us to our first destination: Nasugbu, Batangas.

Nasugbu, Batangas is famed not only for its beaches but also for the historic landing of General Douglas Mac Arthur on the shores of Nasugbu. It was a walk back in history.

From the Nasugbu Landing, we traveled by boat to a secluded beach. About 20 minutes from where we were staying. It was a piece of heaven. For me, it was a place where poets, novelists and writers could get ideas. As the waves crash on the rocks, a light sea breeze will kiss your face.

Of course, even with a breathtaking place like this, things could also go a little bit haywire, li…

to blindly see, what is not there...

I gaze at the waves as it kisses the shore. I silently vow that my pain would wash away with the waves upon the sand. I listen closely to the wind as it rushes to embrace the leaves of the palm trees. It softly rustles and cradles me.

I cry tears or sorrow. They fall upon the sands, where the waves cannot reach. I look upon the sky, as the pulse of heart slowly leaves my veins.

I try not to weep for a lost soul. I wander amongst the ruins of a former self.

A hand holds mine tight. Never letting me go. Promising me of a better future. I gaze at the eyes that would promise me forever, just like mine, the eyes were filled with hurt and betrayal. The heart cries out a thousand pains.

I see myself in those eyes. And walk away.