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awaiting fate

for the past few days, my mind has been a total mix-up...

my sister and her classmate, kuya det, told me an interesting story about my "so-called prediction" of their other classmate, winston-san. when i made that "so-called prediction" i was merely anchoring it on my observation of winston-san. i had no full intentions of it happening for real.

it began with their class presentation in Jap class. it was a cute and classic remake of Battle Royale, a famous Japanese film. while i was watching the film with my sister, i made an observation. a flash, even i couldn't control beyond my slightest notion. then we watched 300 by Frank Miller at the theatres, which kinda made it more "obvious" with my observations. i met winston-san for the first time and the "flash" made me see who he was. something, even i, can't control. and then he wrote a blog about it.

honestly, i hate doing "it" anymore. i keep on losing people. people that matters …