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Justice: Fallen on Deaf Ears? Or Served?

Like the millions of people around the globe, I too, watch countless courtroom dramas and TV shows that were inspired by many battles inside the courthouse. We even watch it on television, a woman begging for justice in front of the police officer, or even a lawyer defending a client who have forgotten his own identity and can make out fragments of his memory. But television has not prepared me for what really happens inside the four walls of a courtroom.

Part of my obligations as a student studying the laws of the land, one of the requisites I have to fulfill in partial requirement to the subject is to attend court hearings. Sessions that usually start as early as 8 in the morning and end around lunch time. Resuming again at two or even resetting for another time. When I walked into the halls of the Courts of Justice, I thought that today might be the same as all the hearings I have sat into before. But today was different. Even the prosecutor and the judge presiding was but happy to…