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At a glance...

I was looking at an almost empty page of my journal. Searching that maybe I have tried to muster the courage to write what once was. But then again, I did. I wrote my soul out. I remember each and every memory, smiles and pains. I wanted to grab the car keys and run away forever. But running away meant I have given up a battle that has already been foretold.

There are days meant to unfold and tell us something of what's about to happen. I was thankful, that despite the pain I have been through, my prayers never goes unanswered.

Few years back, I was asking for a closure that I thought would never be given. Two nights ago, it came. I used to dream of the house in the middle of a forest, with a little kid, a guide, to tell me of what to do. The memories replaying night by night. What happened was meant to be forgotten, but they replayed in my heart and there are nights when I cry myself to sleep and wishing that one day, I would never wake up. My dreams show of me of anguish and pain,…