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Not For Sale

Sunny side-up with ham and butter on toast. Baked.
Fresh raspberry lemonade, cool morning breeze.

You catch my attention, gathering dust
under heat
Behind walls.

Echoes of pebbles under the train.
Station to station.
Reminds me of the subway ride from Upper East Side to Manhattan.

I wanted to go near you. Touch you.
But sadly you're no longer up for grabs.

Destination arrival time read eight past one
and I walk away.

MTR rewind

Passing cars, pedestrians...
Red light. Green light.
Thermals rising through the air
I catch a glimpse of a stranger, sea of faces swirling smoke

I close my eyes, hoping for a moment to catch a fragment of your smile.
maybe, just maybe, just for a second.

Its 30 minutes past noon.
Walkways, pathways, a few minutes of cold air.
Hurrying footsteps here and there.
Shadow of people fading.

Train arrives, 9 3/4.

Echoes over the PA system.
Next station, Buendia Station...

interchange station to the Bel-Air line, doors will open on the right.
I smile.