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i see no reason why i should stay...

running away proves that you've lost the
battle raging inside you. and since, i
ran away, it doesn't really prove that
i've lost. instead i chose not commit
the biggest mistake by staying.

i see eyes that reflect anger. a twisted
and sick lie that tells me that i have
been staying at a room full of lies.

if only i listened to another lie, then
maybe, i wouldn't have tried to forgive
myself for something i haven't done. eyes that speak

believing that i have moved on, i tread on a path, weakened by lies and pain. i see a reflection upon the river of a thousand longing. i see the eyes that long to see the eyes that gaze upon the constellations in the skies. a voice, i longed to hear, but is no longer there.

i used to believe that i need not saving. that i do need a hero that would sweep me off my feet. i lied to myself when i said that i have forgotten those eyes, those lips, that voice.

i long for the voice that would assure me of better years to come. like a woman of the desert, i wait on the return of a once lost soul upon the dunes of waiting. deception was the only key.

i cannot bring myself to give my heart to someone i cannot love...