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To Mom with Love

I know you've heard of lines like: "My dad is better than your dad, or my mom is better than your mom..." I'm not going to compare my mom against your mom. For I know that our moms made us grow the best way possible in her own special way.

My fondest memory of my mom, was when I was really young. I was aged 7 that time and my mom (like all moms who had to go to work) was quite busy. I remember her heading out of the house with her blue high-heeled shoes, blue slacks, blouse and blazer (it changes by day, brown or gray the next day), rushing into the car with my dad who would also head to the office for the day. She would give me a kiss on the cheek and run off. We would see each other by lunchtime and when she comes home from the office. Oftentimes when she had to go off and inspect some of the sites she has been working on, I would be left with my oldest sister, and some older brothers at home. My dad had to be off somewhere doing Medical Missions in different provin…