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Memory in a sea of dreams...

It was the year 1826.
Spring in Kyoto was different from the rest.
It was a time when the welcoming of spring is like a sweet kiss on each leaf, each petal, each tree. Returning a warm green embrace back to the Earth. The Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto was home to a Shogun. But it also turns out, that there are other guests in the temple aside from the guests of the Shogun. My nephew and I found ourselves strolling inside the the temple. Watching the ducks wading in the lake and just gazing at the lush greenery. Then my nephew asked:
"Auntie, are you okay? You're near, yet so far, is there anything bothering you at all?"
Averting his eyes and looking away into the lake, I replied:
"I'm fine. There is nothing to worry about. Besides, what made you ask that question?"
His gaze fell on the ducks swimming on the lake. Then he spoke, in a broken voice:
"Auntie, I know how much pain you are feeling at the moment. But I have a very good feeling that you're really me…