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Live with the King: What's NOT to love about the New Nexus 6P?

I've been to the tech stores lately and guess what?!

The new Nexus 6P just outsmarted most of the phones out on the market...

Here are a few great (did I just say great?!) reasons why you should love the New Nexus 6P:

1) It's a low-light loving, powerful camera! Need I say more? Other mobile phones, just like a DSLR would look for light just so that they can capture THAT special moment, but not the Nexus 6P.

2) It has a cool iconic hardware design, sexy, and chic. If you're conscious about the look, the Nexus 6P boasts a really nice body to boot :) And having the aluminum body gives it a more better grip when you touch the phone.

3) It has an ergonomic fingerprint ID that boasts a unique security feature for the Nexus 6P and a way to actually wake up your phone, pretty neat! The fingerprint ID will only respond to your fingerprint and it's easier to access too.
4) For an eargasmic experience, the front face speakers are the bomb!!! The Nexus 6P is really proud of its s…

Chicken Nuggets with Spinach Cream Cheese Sauce

For those who want something masarap, masustansya at kayang-kaya, here's a healthy recipe for those who are watching their calories.

You will need the following: Purefoods Crisp 'n Juicy Chicken Breast Nuggets Nuggets Stalk of spinach Tomato Onion (white) Garlic Cream cheese (any brand) All-purpose cream Piknik
Here's how you do it: 1) Mince the garlic, dice the onion and tomato, then set aside 2) Chop the spinach into thin strips, set aside 3) Saute the onion first, and then the garlic, tomato in 1 tsp of butter, until onion becomes transparent 4) Add salt or flavor, then the spinach.  5) Add the all purpose cream, and bring to a simmer for 10 minutes 6) Melt the cream cheese in with the cream, and simmer for another 10 minutes, set the sauce aside 7) Fry the nuggets for about 8 minutes until golden brown 8) Serve and enjoy with the sauce! 

Enjoy the dish either with bread, or rice :)