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faith beneath the pages of life

experiences teaches us in different ways... but the best teacher of experience is faith.

it can take you to new heights of deeper understanding of the world around you, the people you meet daily. it gives you a sense of responsibility of what to believe.

you are reborn from a fire like a phoenix whose fate lies beyond the barrier of time and existence.

when you love someone, one of the key factors you must have is: faith. otherwise you get lost in a sea of empty faces just breezing by your life like the wind that changes direction every now and then.

without faith, love will be lost to you. empty words that flow thru the veins of existence. a parallel world beyond life and death. without faith, the meaning of life will be lost beyond your grasp. you tread the land as a ghost of a former self, never knowing rational and irrational. sane and insane.

faith is the foundation, without it, you may never know who to turn to. you search for someone to love, only to learn that you could never give …