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LMFAO (Learning More From Another One)

Everyday, to me, is a learning experience. The people I meet, the things I see, feel, hear or even experience. In my heart, I am happy to say, that I have been privileged to coach a team. Not just any team, but a football team.
Football is teamwork. One cannot make a goal withoout the help of another player. Each kick, chest catch, head-butt or ball control is a well-calculated team effort.
Although I am a seasoned player, I still learn from the team I helped coach this semester. They continuously remind me to remain grounded. They also continue to teach me to respect each and everyone. That each player is unique and different. No player should be ignored. Everyone should be remembered. Even if they are not the best player on the team, they're still entitled to respect. Even if they can't kick well, or can't catch the ball well, they have to be respected. Without them, a team is nothing.
As an assistant coach, I got to know the players more. What they like, what they don'…