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Riding the MRT at rush hour. Worth it?

For commuters who are always on the go, may it be on their way to work or just someplace else, you will always be stuck during the MRT rush hours. Admit it, you have been stuck in the middle or almost near the doors trying to squeeze in the little space as much as you can. For most, riding the MRT during rush hours can be tiresome, painful, even agonizing the least. But may I ask you this, is it worth riding through it?
Admittedly, (modesty aside), it's worth riding the rush hour. Sometimes, I don't mind squeezing in and trying to beat the traffic, or trying to get where I am suppose to be. Riding the MRT during rush hours has its perks actually. One, you can take advantage of the moment and offer a bit of kindness to those who will be joining you in the MRT coach, either by offering them a smile or giving them the space they need to squeeze in to. You never know, that smile and kindness can even change someone's day. More often, I always think that riding the MRT is worth…